Faction PvP server

The Goldcore server has been established since 2018. The server is focused on Faction PvP.

Server INFO

Reward of players / factions - every week and month and reward the best players / factions. Rewards:

Weekend top 3 players:

1. 75 euro store gift card

2. 50 euro store gift card

3. 25 euro store gift card

Monthly top faction:

1. 300 euro store gift card

2. 200 euro store gift card

3.100 euro store gift card

4. 50 euro store gift card

5. 25 euro store gift card

Beautiful Spawn and Warzone - The floating spaceship spawn and the dystopia-themed warzone look spectacular! They are full of detail and fit the server's main theme.

Turret - Turrets is a plugin which allows players to build automatic firing turrets to defend their base. Turrets are easy to build, but by default, somewhat costly to upgrade.

Sample quest system

300+ Quests - Your players will always have something to do on the server. Not only are these quests fun to complete, they are also very rewarding.

Sample quest system

430+ Tags - A large number of chat tags used as cosmetics for your players. There are so many to choose from and look amazing in chat.

Sample tags system

Crates (4 Tiers, 140+ Rewards) - Crate keys can be used to open these crates and get a reward. Crate keys can be obtained through these ways: ◦ Defeating bosses in the warzone. ◦ Purchasing them from the warzone shop. ◦ Winning them from the daily reward. ◦ Purchasing them from your server store. ... many more.

Sample crates system

Daily Reward - Players can open a crate every day to get some items. These items can be hoppers, creeper eggs, obsidian, crate keys and so much more.

Sample daily system

Inventory Pets - These pets live in your inventory and give you some cool abilities. They also gain experience which increases their level. The higher the level, the better effect they give. These are the pet tiers:

Exclusive: 4 pets are in this tier. (Cost: 100 XP Levels )

Ultimate:3 pets are in this tier. (Cost: 150 XP Levels )

Legendary: 3 pets are in this tier. (Cost: 200 XP Levels )

Ancient: 2 pets are in this tier. (Can only be obtained from crates, warzone shop and warzone events )

Sample pet system

McMMO - Players can earn experience for an ability which will increase its level. The higher the level, the better skills and abilities are unlocked.

Ability Armor (Cosmic Armor) - If a player wears a full set of an exclusive armor set, they will receive the special abilities the armor set grants. At the moment, this armor can only be obtained through defeating bosses in the warzone.

Ender Vaults - Players can store their special items in this vault that they place down. Only they can access it. If any other player wants to raid it, they need to lock pick it to have a chance to raid it some of the content.

Special Hoppers - There are different types of hoppers. Each hopper does a different thing. There are currently mob, crop, grinding and breaking hoppers.

Galaxy Armor - Color-changing armor which is strong as diamond that looks very cool. It functions like normal diamond armor but it changes color! Every player on the server will have the same color at any given time.

Clue Scrolls (4 Tiers, 200+ Clues) - Players can purchase clue scrolls and complete each clue. At the end, they will receive a reward. There are numerous tiers and a lot of clues!

70+ Custom Enchantments - There are multiple tiers of enchantments and they all do different things. Most of all, they are perfectly balanced. Additionally, there are items such as white, black and transmog scrolls along side with runes and crystals.

GKits - These kits come with custom enchantments and can be used for making perfect custom enchanted armor sets. There are 19 GKits.

Kits - There are 10 kits altogether. Most kits are for donators and others to be unlocked. Once the kits have been redeemed, they have a live timer in the GUI until they can be redeemed again.

Supply Crates - There is an event where supply crates drop in all warzones that contain loot. The crates are categorised to make some more rare than others.

Balanced Economy and GUI Shop - There is a GUI shop where players can purchase and sell items. Most of all, the buy and sell prices are balanced and there are no money glitches.

Ranks (5x Donator Ranks, 7x Staff Ranks) - These ranks have their permissions already setup, all you need to do is assign players a rank if you want to.

Customised Tab List - This tablist shows players in your faction, players in enemy factions and players in ally factions. They all have different colors.
Leaderboards - See who the top 3 players are for something on the server.

Raiding Room (Raiding Tutorial) - Since factions is mostly about raiding, there is an area at spawn which is dedicated to teaching new players how to raid bases

Bounties - Put money on somebody's head to make people want to target them and eventually kill them.

Bar - Purchase drinks and you can double your money or lose your money.

Random Teleport - Players can pay and pick a distance to be randomly teleported in the wilderness.

Warzone Bosses - Not only are these bosses fun and challenging to fight, once dead they drop war tokens which can be used to get things such as ranks, crate keys and more. Each boss spawns at a specific location in the warzone.

◦ When a boss spawns in the warzone, the location of the boss will be broadcasted to all online players.

◦ When a boss has been slain, it will drop war tokens but also reward the top 3 players who did the most damage.

There are different rewards for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd top damagers.

War Tokens - These war tokens can be obtained by doing anything in the warzone. This includes killing bosses, opening supply crates and more. They can be redeemed for things such as ranks, crate keys and gkits.

Action Health - See a player's faction and health on the action bar.

Customised Faction Layouts - The layouts of any of the faction commands is completely custom to make your server stand out. It also looks much better.

Factions Scoreboard - This scoreboard shows you all the information about your player and your faction.

Factions Top GUI - See the top factions in a cool GUI.

[NEW] Custom Mob Drops - Some mobs drop items which they do not normally.

Amazing-Looking KoTHs - There are a total of 2 different KoTH sites, each has its own theme and offers different rewards. They all start at the same time every day.

And so much more...

Join the test server to see more features!